About Mr Varun Patel

Varun Patel is well known for his work in fashion and advertising industry in India .

He has studied MSC IT but his passion for photography got him into the industry and he has become one of the best fashion and advertising photographer in the Industry .

Now he is offering one on one coaching to all the photo enthusiasts , no matter if they are armature photographers looking forward to learn more about their cameras , or professional photographers who are already working in the field but wants to improve their skills .

Varun Patel is working for many good brands in India for their advertising campaign , and he has also shot for many international magazines like FTL ( Financial Times London ) .

You can check out his outstanding work at his website www.varunpatelphotography.com .

He also writes photography blogs, to help other photographers to learn.www.varunpatelphotography.com/blog .

Genres of Photography

    Aerial photography
    Amateur Photography
    Architectural photography
    Advertising photography
    Basic Photography
    Better photography
    Candid photography
    Children Photography
    Conservation photography
    Corporate Photography
    Cultural photography
    Documentary photography
    Digital Photography
    Elementory Photography
    Event Photography
    Fashion photography
    Fine art photography
    Food photography
    Foundation Photography
    Forensic photography
    Glamour photography
    HDR Photography
    Intermediate photography
    Industrial Photography
    Jewellery Phtography
    Kids photography
    Landscape photography
    Maternity Photography
    Medical photography
    Micro/Macro Photography
    Nature photography
    Professional Photography
    Social photography
    People Photography
    Pets photography
    Portrait photography
    Sports photography
    Still life photography
    Stock photography
    Street photography
    Studio photography
    Travel photography
    Table top Photography
    Underwater photography
    Vernacular photography
    VR photography
    Wedding photography
    Wildlife photography
    Bird photography
    Wildlife & Nature Photography
    Forensic & Mediacal Photography
    Fashion & Beauty Photography
    Architectural & Interior photography
    Food & Beverage photography
    Gems and Jewellery photography
    Babies and Kids Photography
    Corporate & Product Photography
    Studio lighting & Color Photography
    Dance & Performance Photography
    Reportage photography
    Fun with DSLR camera
    Introduction to Photography
    Mastering your Camera
    Learn Photography
    A to Z in Photography
    Butterfly Photography