Masters - Our best and most advance course.

Precisely designed for photographers who wants to be professional Fashion Photographers. A course which will reveal all the secrets of lighting. Covering advance lighting and shooting techniques for Commercial Fashion. You will be shooting with INTERNATIONAL MODEL during this Master course.
- Learn and use our advance lighting equipments.
- Learn very advance lighting techniques.
- Shoot with models during all the learning sessions.
- 4 photo shoots with indian models for your portfolio.
- 1 full day creative shoot with INTERNATIONAL MODEL and our production team.
- 4 editing sessions for enhancing your images.

Course Outline

• Understanding The Light Types
• Understanding The Light Sources
• Understanding The Lighting Laws
• Understanding The Shadows
• Light Quality
• Light Shaping
• Light Temperature
• Light Directions
• How to work with natural light indoor for best possible outcomes
• Using window light from different angles for different contrast effects
• Proper ways to use the reflectors for outdoor and indoor shoots
• Understanding reflectors
• Understanding the fill flash
• How to work with built-in flash of your camera
• How to control your speed lights through your built-in flash
• How to connect flashes with out trigger and receivers through optical connection
• How to work with external flash
• Understanding the TTL Flashes
• High Speed Sync Flashes
• Second curtain sync
• Creative ways to bounce the flash
• Balancing the flash and available lights in the room
• Understanding how to use the external flash off camera
• Understanding the trigger types
• Understanding the light modifiers
• Basic Studio Lighting Setups
• Advance Studio Lighting Setups
• Studio Lights Positions
• Portrait Photography Posing
• High key setups
• Low key setups
• Loop lighting
• Lighting setup for catalogue shoots
• Cosmetic beauty light setup
• Become familiar with the Photoshop interface
• Introduction To Tethered Shooting
• Using Lightroom for batch processing
• Complex hair selection
• Background changing using photoshop
• Retouching techniques
• Introduction to use of layers and masks
• Time saving actions and batch processing
• Shoot with our models during all the practical learning sessions and practice sessions
• 4 shoots ( 4 hours each ) with professional model and makeup team
• 1 full day shoot with INTERNATIONAL MODEL with our production team

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