Beginners Course

A course for some one who wants to start their career as photographer in the industry. This course covers various points from basics of digital photography to advance lighting techniques. Perfect course for someone, who is starting their photography career. Or Someone who is considering photography as their hobby only. This course is for begginers, but we cover some advance photography techniques and retouching techniques also in this course. This is one of the best photography course you can consider to start with. Beginner level photography course is one of our most famous course.

Module - 1 (Fundamentals)
• Types of Digital Camera
• Digital Camera understanding
• Modes of Camera
• Camera Components and concepts
• Understanding Digital Image Sensor
• Resolution and Understanding of Raw, JPG
• Camera Parts and accessories
• Aperture
• Manual Focus and Focal Length
• Shutter Speed
• Exposure Metering
• White Balance
• Angle & shots
• Learn To Read Histograms
• Framing and Boarders
• Elements of Composition

Module - 2 (Advance techniques and photoshoots with model)
• Understanding The Light
• How to work with built-in flash of your camera
• How to work with external flash
• Understanding how to use the external flash off camera
• Understanding the light modifiers
• Studio Lighting Basics
• High Speed Water Photography
• Panning and other techniques
• 4 Photoshoots With Professional Model
• Become familiar with the Photoshop interface
• Retouching techniques
• Introduction to use of layers and masks
• Time saving actions and batch processing
• Image resolution, resizing and colour optimization for web display and printing

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