Intermediate course

A course for someone who already knows the basics of photography and wants to enhance their skills in natural and artificial lighting and post processing. This course includes everything fashion photography, food photography, product photography and advance editing.

• Clearing the basics quickly
• Understanding The Light Types
• Understanding The Light Sources
• Understanding The Lighting Laws
• Light Quality
• How to work with natural light
• Proper ways to use the reflectors for outdoor and indoor shoots
• Understanding the fill flash
• How to work with built-in flash of your camera
• How to work with external flash
• Type of the flashgun
• Understanding the TTL Flashes
• High Speed Sync Flashes
• Creative ways to bounce the flash
• Understanding how to use the external flash off camera
• Understanding the trigger types
• Understanding the light modifiers
• Studio Lighting Basics
• Studio Lights Positions
• How to light for table top product photography
• Different lighting setups for different products
• Portrait Photography Posing Basics
• How to shoot food with natural light
• Creating mood for the food with artificial lights
• Become familiar with the Photoshop interface
• Introduction To Tethered Shooting
• Using Lightroom for batch processing
• Complex hair selection
• Background changing using photoshop
• Retouching techniques
• Introduction to use of layers and masks
• Time saving actions and batch processing
• 4 shoots with professional model and makeup team

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